How to Increase Your Libido

How to Increase Your Libido

Three simple steps that will break the love routine and take off our sex life

Sharing our fantasies with the other half may not guarantee the rise of libido, as many times revealing them can weaken them and not lead to the desired result, however there are some simpler – and less costly – ways. to awaken your libido.

Leave room for sex. Understand, you are neither friends nor brothers! Intimacy may be necessary for the couple, but too much familiarity can kill sex. If we want to arouse erotic interest we may have to see our partner as a stranger, a stranger whom we must rediscover and reconquer. In short, leave room for more mystery and everything will go its own way.

We create an atmosphere. No we do not mean to light candles or play low music. We mean to create a “cerebral” atmosphere, that is, to direct your thinking in more erotic directions. If you want to have sex then you have to put it in your mind, to desire it, to leave space in your thinking about it. Simply put, it requires preparation not only physically but also mentally.

Touches of renewal.Do not hesitate to enrich your erotic repertoire with what can bring strong doses of renewal, if there is the consent of your partner. Try to break the norm and routine in sex… coming out of the bedroom, changing the movements and the same postures that over the years everyone has learned with their eyes closed and deprive them of the pleasure of contact.

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