The small penis also has benefits: specifically three

The small penis also has benefits: specifically three

There are benefits and new areas for exploring sexual satisfaction when a man has a small penis.

Anal sex is better

If a man’s penis is considered small for vaginal penetration, then it will probably be ideal for anal. The pain decreases, the excitement of the act increases. Many couples who have an anatomical problem have solved it with this method. After all, the needs of the vagina and the needs of anal sex are very different in terms of size, with the result that a penis that can not irritate the vagina is ideal for the rectum and even offers explosive orgasms without any pain.

Penis Extenders

There are several sex toys on the market that apply to the existing penis and enhance it both in length and width. The couple only has to overcome the taboos and put in their bed the sex toy that will endow the partner in order to physically satisfy his wife but also emotionally. Attention, we are not talking about the dildo or the strap on which completely replace the man’s penis leaving him unattended, but in an auxiliary state that keeps the man in the game. This has the advantage that the partner chooses from the wide range of Penis Extenders, the one she likes while she can change it so often that she does not get bored, so each time she will have sex with the same man, but with a different penis . Result; No boredom.

Alternative sexual practices

There is no single way to success. In fact, the traditional way several times can become boring if the couple does not put a little imagination. The woman wants to warm up, so it is good for the man to invest in the preliminaries and learn to offer quality oral sex. Most women find it unimaginable that a man is satisfied with good oral sex that few man know how to do it , despite the fact that the man just has a big penis, which in itself says nothing.

Usually less gifted men have developed other skills to satisfy their partners and oral sex is one of them. Since women generally find good oral sex hard to find, a man who owns it automatically gains the positive advantage. In general, men with low qualifications invest in foreplay, something that women appreciate, as others neglect because they believe that a large penis alone is enough to offer their partner pleasure and delight.

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