Why a ‘cheat pass’ can be the ultimate Christmas gift

Why a ‘cheat pass’ can be the ultimate Christmas gift

A sex expert gives you the most original solution for this year’s Christmas gift.

Christmas is probably the most expensive time of the year for most of us. More walks, drinks, food, sweets, gifts for family, friends and of course the most special gift for our partner. Suppose that in addition to the cost of the latter, the search that precedes is quite tedious.

The solution to this problem came from the famous American sex expert and author, Wednesday Martin, who advises more and more couples to make a very original gift to each other this Christmas.

According to Martin, there is no more ideal gift for a man and a woman in a relationship than a mutual cheat pass for a day. An agreement, that is, for each of them to have sex for once with another person, without regrets.

“We know that long-term relationships are now very difficult for women as well. Many experts agree that monogamy is becoming increasingly difficult. The real gift you can give your partner is a discussion about it. “Isn’t it better to let her go with someone else for once than to get a divorce?” Martin said in a recent interview with Britain’s Telegraph.

As the sex expert explained, there are studies that show that in couples who have been married for more than seven years, the sexual attraction decreases significantly compared to how it was in their first three years. “It is easy to say that women do not think about sex as much as men, but that is not the case,” he concluded.

At the same time, he brought to the fore a YouGov survey, where it is clear that 1 in 3 Britons (33%) have cheated on their wife. One of the main reasons that led them to infidelity was that they felt flattered that another person approached them, while the emotional indifference of their other half is quite high, as well as the bad sex life in their relationship.

Maybe the ‘gift’ suggested by the sex expert is not so absurd!

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