8 tips that will make sex in the car, as enjoyable as you imagine!

8 tips that will make sex in the car, as enjoyable as you imagine!

I think most of you have had sex in the car at least once and you liked it. Yes, admit it. A little bit of the feeling that someone can catch you in the act, a little bit of the limited space, a little bit of intense sexual desire, all these together create an irresistible combination, which makes this experience from mediocre to very good.

Admittedly, it may not be the most convenient thing there is, but it is an honest way to have sex when you have nowhere else to go or when you are just caught in the act and you want to do it ASAP.

So you who have fallen in need of it several times so far and think you have perfected it, I would suggest you not to be so sure. There are always some small tips to help you. These tips, of course, are addressed to the most inexperienced in the company.

1. Wear skirt or dress

A stylistic tip when you know or suspect that she is going to have sex in the car: definitely wear a skirt or a dress. Because your movements have to be very fast and because you do not have unlimited space to express yourself, these two stylistic choices are ideal, as all you need to do is take off your underwear. It’s convenient, you save energy and make yourself incredibly comfortable.

2. Of course you can do preliminary

Who said that sex in the car can not include preliminaries? Let go of the nonsense you see in Hollywood movies, where everyone is ready at any time and they just do it. Sex requires a preparation, that is, the preliminaries. That’s why there are rear seats to taste the appetizers before entering the main course. You can give him a mouthful or he’s you, or even try the posture 69. For extra space, make the front seats as far forward as possible.

3. You will need plenty of lubricant

It is normal a girl finds it difficult to get wet while trying to have sex in the car. The space is limited and you may not feel completely comfortable, so you can not fully concentrate on the sexual game. To help, the lubricant is necessary, which is good to be in case of need. If of course you like anal sex, then it is good to always carry it with you and not just in case of need, because you will know that there is a specific preparation until this happens and it definitely includes a lot of lubricant.

4. Ride him in the driver’s seat

But is it possible to have sex in the car and not be one of the rides of the rider in the driver’s seat? Tilt the back of the seat and let the game begin. Exactly the same can be done with the reverse rider of course, I do not want to limit you guys.

Do your tricks, your shakes and take control to give him the most enjoyable sex of his life. Put your hands behind your back, grab him by the neck, whisper whispers in his ear and in a very short time you will hear him moan with pleasure.

5. What do you mean you have not put music?

Putting on music should be the first thing you do before you even undress. Music been shown to have a very good effect on sex, but if you put it a little louder than usual, you will find that you will be carried away by the vibrations and the rhythm, and you will give it literally everything. Besides, the louder you make her play, the freer you will be to groan and shout, sure that no one will be able to hear you.

6.How about sex on the hood?

Having sex in the car is very good, but in the end there is the alternative of sex on the hood. In this case, a prerequisite is to be parked in a place so deserted that not even an ant can step on it. Otherwise, you understand that if someone catches you and even worse takes a photo or video of you, we will see you on Pornhub in the amateur category. Sex on the hood, however, is extremely enjoyable, especially if it has a cool breeze outside and the sky is full of stars.

7. WOW!!! sunroof

I have always loved sunroof cars. I always want to get into once, to open the roof and get up to play it fatally with my hair waving. Take advantage of it at all. The man sitting in the back seats and you on top to ride him. Thanks to the sunroof, a part of your body will be out of the car and the spectacle will be immersive. He can even lie down and you can sit on his head to offer you a mouthful.

8.Use the belt as a sex toy

Seat belts can be used as a sex toy at this stage and you are very happy to have them. So for those who like BDSM situations, the belt is the ideal game. Get him to sit in the driver’s seat, tie him up and tell him to raise his arms. With anything you can find (scarf, leash, bra) tie his hands so that he is completely immobile. But we’re not done yet… You have to close his eyes too. Thus, he will not have touch, vision and will also be restricted by the belt. I leave the rest to you.

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