The sex position that men love and women hate

The sex position that men love and women hate

The majority of men with few exceptions love doggy style and the majority of women with few exceptions do not enjoy it. The reason is usually the anatomy of the vagina and the position of the uterus -especially when it is in posterior flexion- which is not suitable for pleasure and enjoyment by penetrating on all fours, unlike some other postures more friendly to the female body.

It is a common secret among women that this is a sex position that most women take in order to satisfy him, or keep it for the end when they are tired and want to “finish”. I’m sorry boys if you fall from the clouds, but someone finally has to tell you

If she suggests you have sex in this position, know that she wants to “get rid of it”

In women’s groups, girls often discuss with each other that when they get tired of sex and want to satisfy their partner soon and impressively for him, they sit on all fours in pose and have a little patience. That’s it. Of course, this does not mean that there are no women who enjoy this attitude, but according to research, they are the minority, or even the exception to the rule.

We can imagine many reasons why a man enjoys this sex position: It is a bit of a matter of domination, a little bit of a matter of sight, while he clearly awakens some wilder instincts that are inside him and are far from the romance that sometimes alienates him in sex Having his partner down to four makes him feel more masculine.

We would not say that it is wrong for women to do their partner a favor and stand there, unless they are really uncomfortable. Everyone has to make concessions in a relationship both theoretically and practically. I’m sure men do a lot too. And a tip for girls who read: The next time he asks you to do it at four, think of a variation you might like best.

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