Are you tired of the bed?

Are you tired of the bed?

7 points to have sex now that you are locked up at home!

How does quarantine find you? I hope you stay strong, but above all stay safe and healthy. Certainly being locked up at home for such a long time is not the best thing that could happen to us, but if you happen to go through all this with your partner, why not take advantage of it in your relationship?

Instead of sitting and rotting in front of a screen all day, it is better to make up for lost hours of sex you did not have with your partner (the days before the coronavirus), because you were tired or did not have time. And of course it is that opportunity you were looking for to renew your love life and experiment with your peace of mind.

The house, for example, has several points that can offer a very worthy and enjoyable experience. If you have not gone beyond the limits of the bed, you really do not know what you are missing. But it’s time to find out, finally giving your vote to other corners of the nest that you share with your boy / girl, far more interesting than the bedroom.

These are the best places to have sex at home during quarantine:

1. Mirror,mirror

Full body obviously, so you can both stand in front of him and be able to see each other’s body clearly, but also how he really is when you have sex. But is there anything sexier than that? Because they are also the ones who are frightened only by the idea that they can see themselves in action. Probably due to low self-esteem or insecurities with their body, otherwise I can not explain how you can be ashamed to see yourself when you do what is most natural in the world. Let the image alone irritate you even more.

2. Showering together

You have definitely had sex in the shower again, but maybe without much success. So here’s your chance to perfect it. The feeling of hot running water on the body, but also the narrowness of the space that forces one to be as close as possible to the other, are very irritating. But what I do not want you to forget is the condom. Yes, it should be used normally even in the shower, as well as plenty of lubricant of course, since the water disturbs the moisture of the vagina a little. A! And be careful not to slips and fall.

3.Fall to the floors

But how can someone not have sex on the floor? Has it not happened to you with someone and you are not interested in anything other than doing it all the time, not even having time to get to bed and simply decide to roll on the floor? If not here’s a new product just for you! If you are too shy to lie on the floor, put a blanket down. Just get out of the comfort zone of the bed and do it elsewhere.

4. On the couch

Usually the preliminaries start from the couch to end the sex in bed. But why move? You spoil all the passion of the moment. The sofa is ideal for many things. It is initially offered for standing with the woman on top. It is not a bad idea at all where your boy is carefree, to suddenly sit on top of him and play. There is nothing that you can do about it, as you did in bed, and even better penetration. Try it and you will remember me!

5. kitchen bench tops

Most likely, these days of quarantine, the kitchen counter has become your hangout by trying various new recipes or finally getting into the trouble of learning to cook two things. Guess what, it’s not only useful for preparing food and cutting vegetables, but it is also a great place for unforgettable sex. You can sit, lie down, lean on him and do the foreplay or even sex with great success. I hope it is big enough (the bench) to have many alternatives.

6. Wall to wall

In any wall, it does not matter much. The point is to do it suddenly, out of nowhere. That is, to catch him / her, to stick him / her to the wall, to start slapping him / her and then we all know the sequel. This type of sex is the most passionate and unexpected, which happens once in a while and is almost always successful. You can have sex standing up with a unique support on the wall and you will both really enjoy it.

7. Come on, let’s go to the rooftop

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