How a medical tool became the most popular sexual aid

How a medical tool became the most popular sexual aid

The vibrator may be one of the most common sexual aids, but few know that it was originally designed as a medical tool aimed at “emotional relief” of women.

According to onmed, the first vibrator was made in America in 1869 and was in the form of a steam-powered rotating sphere resting on a flat surface. It was used by doctors to combat the symptoms of “hysteria” in women.

The invention of the vibrator was a result of necessity as doctors first had to manually induce the stimulation and so the idea of a tool that would do all the work for them came about. By the end of the 1880s, the original version of the device had evolved into a less bulky model, while at the beginning of the new decade, it was now a commercial product.

When it began to be used in the porn industry around 1920, its use in the medical field was limited and lost his popularity. However, the love of the public was rekindled in the 60’s and 70’s and the social acceptance of the erotic aid has expanded significantly since then.

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