6 Things a Girl Should Avoid Wearing on The First Date!

6 Things a Girl Should Avoid Wearing on The First Date!

The first date you go out with someone is directly related to the first impressions, so it is important to study your appearance carefully. The primary goal of the appearance is to look impressive, attractive and emphasize your strengths, so that you remain engraved in the mind of the man for the remaining days after the appointment. But because the list of what to wear is quite long and complicated, let’s start with the list of things to put aside, as you stand in front of the closet and you should avoid on the first date:

1. Shoes with too high a heel

Wearing high heels is quite sexy, as your legs look taller, leaner and fitter. We have known this for years now. In addition, they are the shoes that attract men the most and those that take part in their various fantasies. But what is not sexy at all is that you can not walk on the first date begging from within not to turn any ankle. It’s where the sidewalks are crap and you can not walk properly a relatively high heel, imagine wearing a 14-pound or 16-pound and the shop you have made an appointment is on a paved road. Either you end up in the hospital or you will be discharged in the end!

2. Very tight clothes

On the first date, it is quite important to look good, but also to feel comfortable with what you are wearing. Do you have the anxiety about how the date will turn out, you will have to suffocate with the clothes you wore while waiting to go home to take them off? So a very tight dress, a tight skirt or skinny pants no matter how sexy they look, are quite likely to have the opposite effect. How does it feel to have taken you to a good restaurant with a great menu and you during the night not only to hold your breath, but also to count your bites so that your belly does not fly? Personally, it sounds like torture to me.

3. Top with overly revealing neckline

A woman’s breast is a point that in honors has its honor, both by the woman who tries to emphasize it, and by the man who can not take his eyes off him. A top with a modest neckline, so that it looks as needed, is ideal to achieve an elegant, but at the same time sexy result. But a top that is so revealing that you are constantly trying to pick it up or the one in front of you is afraid that now is where all the breasts will come out, is not a very good choice for a first date, as it can bring the opposite results from them. what were you waiting for.

4. Intense makeup

We all want to try different makeup products that we do not dare, such as some intense shadows, false eyelashes, lipsticks with unusual shades, but when you are preparing to meet someone for the first time, it is not the right time to experiment with your face. Remember that the first dates have to do with a long discussion, therefore eye contact, which will say that the man in front of you will look at you all night and an overly intense makeup will look more disgusting than attractive. So stop experimenting once again and opt for a more natural makeup emphasizing the strongest feature on your face, such as eyes, cheeks or lips. NOT ALL TOGETHER!

5. Elaborate hairstyles

If we learned anything from “There’s Something About Mary” is not to bother your hair so much before a date. As with makeup, hair needs to look simple. A man will appreciate more a straight hair or a few loose curls than an original hairstyle or an intricate braid that will not allow him to caress your hair. Even if you have short hair, it is not the best night to try the “pins” that you have been reading for so long!

6. T-shirts with prints that you have no idea what they mean

Avoid wearing a Tshirt that bears the logo of a band whose songs you have never heard or the logo of a game you have never played. It is very likely that such a Tshirt will put you in an awkward position when your date knows some things about what you are wearing and starts talking, while you have no idea what to say.

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