Kunyaza, the African technique that boosts your sexual pleasure

Kunyaza, the African technique that boosts your sexual pleasure

Female pleasure comes first in Rwanda and every man should know the traditional sexual technique of Kunyaza.

Rwanda, this small state in central Africa, is quite different from the rest of the continent. After the genocide that took place in the country in 1994, where the majority of men were killed, women came forward.

Today, the strong position of women in Rwanda is seen in almost every aspect of everyday life. From political power (the majority of members of parliament in Rwanda are women) to sex.

In Rwanda, sex involves first the pleasure of the woman and then the man. In fact, there is a traditional sexual technique called Kunyaza, which every couple will apply regularly. What exactly is;

As the woman lies on her back on the bed, the man rests his molecule on her vagina and starts moving it from top to bottom, from left to right and then makes a helical motion without penetration.

Then, as she approaches orgasm, the man beats his molecule at that point, with the woman finally managing not only to finish, but to squirt. That is what the word Kunyaza means in the language of the Rwandan people.

This practice seems to have originated in the city of Nyanza in Rwanda, which was once the capital of the country and during the monarchy the palace and the royal family were located there. According to legend, which has been passed down from generation to generation, during the third dynasty of the Rwandan monarchy, the king had gone to war.

The queen was alone for a long time and so she asked a member of the royal guard to go to her room and have sex with her. The guard was so anxious and trembling that he could not complete his duties. Instead, all he could do was place his trembling molecule on the queen. This, however, drove her crazy and made her ‘finish’ for the first time in her life.

Since then, couples in Rwanda (but also in other parts of the African continent) often apply this sexual technique in their homes, with the woman always having the leading role in pleasure.

Have described Kunyaza as the African Tantra. As with tantric sex, Kunyaza has an emotional connection between the two lovers, with the result that a large amount of sexual energy is channeled into their bodies.

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